BlackMesa Sigma


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  • Modern, clean setting
  • Tons of custom content
  • All buildings are highly detailed and enterable
  • Lots of rooms with fully functional doors and gates
  • A portal leading to the mysterious dimension of Xen
  • A huge radio mast to climb
  • An underground-area with an reactor
  • Two relay-stations
  • Lots of space to build
  • Many objects to interact with
  • Excellent AI-pathfinding
  • Two smaller islands
  • 4 Helipads
  • Two working elevators
  • A big skybox with lots of airspace
  • HDR
  • 3D-skybox


This department of the Black Mesa Research Facility was evacuated
after the catastrophic resonance cascade in the main facility.
Even though, the team in the Sigma-facility has managed to create a stable Portal to the Xen- Dimension,
which points into an underground cave of Xen and is therefore undiscovered by the Combine.
While originally planning to re-establish the research in the facility, humanity suffered defeat in the war against the Combine forces.
It is therefore not known, if anyone in charge of the facility has survived of if it is abandoned and forgotten.

What will Black Mesa Sigma become for you now?
An opportunity to attack the combine where they donĀ“t expect it?
A threat to everyone that must be destroyed?

A safe place to seek refuge from a world falling apart?
…You decide.
But keep in mind that the Combine may already be on their way…

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