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The island contains:

  • A giant volcano
  • A field of lava running out of the volcano
  • Lots of tropival vegetation
  • A Shipwreck
  • Two smaller islands
  • A few ramps to make cool airboat-stunts- A small lava-pit
  • A glowstick-lit entrance-cave to the lair

The lair contains:

  • A villains desk, authentically in front of a giant world map
  • Retractable cryogenic store cells for your favourite archenemy or other stuff
  • An Eyescanner- authenticated front gate
  • A dock inside the lair
  • An underwater exit, which only can be opened from inside
  • Shutters on the floor, which open a giant lava-pit
  • An triggerable alarm
  • A retractable weapons locker (its awesome)
  • And- last but not least something that every Supervillain needs:
  • A giant, deadly LASER, which shoots through the volcano before it hits.. whatever you want… the moon?, the ozone layer?, Santa Clause?

The Map in general also contains:

  • AI nodes
  • A huge skybox
  • Pretty good optimisation
  • A 3D- Skybox

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